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There'll Never Be Another Johnny Cash

The Borders Brothers




1. There'll Never Be Another Johnny Cash

2. One Thing Right

3. Let 'Em Go

4. I Got Cash

5. Ride On

6. Ain't Gonna Change The Truth

7. Tough Man

8. Just Writing A Song

9. On Bended Knee

10. Trumpets Sounding In The Morning

Another Angel Fell

The Borders Brothers




1. She Ain't Gonna Call

2. A Blonde And A Brunette

3. Tonight Another Angel Fell

4. A Reason To Drink

5. Conquer The World

6. Do You Think Of Me

7. Her Boyfriend

8. Ride On

9. So Far No Luck

10. Two Steps Away

11. There'll Never Be Another Johnny Cash

12. Will You Visit My Grave

The Rock Of My Soul

The Borders Brothers




1. The Rock Of My Soul

2. God Ain't A Jacket

3. Forever

4. When I Knelt To Pray

5. Let 'Em Go

6. Miracle Man

7. I'm Going There

8. When God Speaks

9. On Bended Knee

10. Is Mommy Still In Heaven

Just Singing A Song

The Borders Brothers




1. Play Me Some Country

2. I Got Cash

3. Can't Even Talk To Jesus

4. Just Writing A Song

5. I Could Go Crazy

6. Meet Me In Vegas

7. I'm Gone

8. Giving Up On You

9. Take Me Away With You

10. Wrong Again

11. Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat

12. Who's That You're Talking To

Gonna Be A Jubilee

The Borders Brothers




1. There's Gonna Be A Jubilee

2. Down On Your Knees

3. Under The Cover

4. Ride This Train

5. Born To Die

6. Old-Time Hallelujah Meeting

7. The Right Side Of The River

8. A Different Road

9. Ain't Gonna Change The Truth

10. Take The Rain Away

11. Trumpets Sounding In The Morning

12. This Man

Halfway To Nowhere

The Borders Brothers




1. Get A Job

2. Over And Over

3. Come On Don't Stop

4. Girl Next Door

5. This Getting Over You

6. One Thing Right

7. That's When I Knew

8. I Wouldn't Do It Again

9. The Best Thing

10. Truckdiver

11. Sometimes I Do

12. These Are My Memories

Give Me Strength

Bruce A. Borders

Available only at




1. Give Me Strength

2. The Hallelujah Chorus

3. The Angels Are Watching

4. God Will Do Right By You

5. I Believe God Answers Prayer

6. To Save My Soul

7. I Want To Walk Those Golden Streets

8. None Other Name

9. Thank You Lord For Delivering Me

10. On Angel's Wings

11. Mercy And Grace

12. If God Says No

13. Calling Me Away

14. I Dreamed I Was There